IHSU Library provides lockers for the students to store books and other harmless belongings for their convenience.

Rules and Regulations

  • The safety of the materials kept in the locker shall be the responsibility of the locker
  • occupant.
  • The library shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any item stored in the locker.
  •  No hazardous or illegal items/objects shall be stored in the locker.
  • All lockers shall be kept clean and care taken in their use. Abuse of locker use shall forfeit lease privilege.
  • All lockers shall be cleared at the end of the semester and handed over to the issuing library staff.
  • Any locker that will not be cleared and handed over to the issuing library staff by the beginning of the new semester, the previous occupant shall be considered as new occupant.
  • No stickers, pictures, names or graffiti shall be permitted on the lockers. Marking or defacing any locker (if caught) shall forfeit lease privilege.
  • Lockers shall be thoroughly checked at the beginning and end of the semester by the issuing library staff.
  • The issuing library staff reserves the right to inspect the lockers at any time without notice (if deemed necessary). A student using a locker shall have no expectation of privacy be presumed to have no expectations of privacy in that locker and its contents.
  • Patrons who lose locker keys should report the matter to the library staff and also pay for key replacement costs.